Frozen Tool Forensics: Playoff Deployment Part 4 – The Final Four

Chris Kane


We have arrived at our final four. We are examining what changed for teams and players during their playoff runs. In Part 1, and Part 2 we were reviewing first round exits. In Part 3 we hit the second round exits. The final four have the largest sample sizes and saw the most success of all the teams in this playoff round. That means this group will have the best data. The only real question remaining here is what will happen to these teams in the offseason.

Just as a reminder from last week: We will be touching on point production, but our main focus will be usage and deployment. We want to answer the question – were players used in a different way during the playoffs that can give us any hints as to how they might be used next season?

To answer this question, we are going to turn to the Time on Ice Reports from the report page. By running and then exporting the same report for both the regular season and the playoffs to date we can get the same data from those two periods. We then combine sources and filter by the team of focus to get an idea of who on each team benefited and who lost out.

New York Islanders

NamePosTeamGPPlayoff %TOIPlayoff TOISeason % TOISeason TOI% Δ
SCOTT MAYFIELDDNYI1734.521:4331.919:292.6
ADAM PELECHDNYI173723:1834.521:032.5
NICK LEDDYDNYI1736.723:0635.421:351.3
OLIVER WAHLSTROMRNYI521.614:3320.312:231.3
ANTHONY BEAUVILLIERLNYI1728.117:4126.916:241.2

In terms of changes in deployment, there aren't as many exciting numbers here on the Island. By and large Scott Mayfield and Adam Pelech aren't really exciting investments. Montreal is also pretty unique in that most of the overall gains for ice time do not overlap with the players who gained power-play time. Anthony Beauvillier, Brock Nelson, and Josh Bailey were the big winners there.

Beauvillier is worth a mention as the highest earner in power-play time, but the news actu