Ramblings: Wrapping Up Free Agent Frenzy

Michael Clifford


We truly had ourselves a Free Agent Frenzy, didn't we? Last year didn't see much player movement while this year it didn't seem to slow down for about the first six hours. Myself, Dobber, and Ian were around for the day giving out our instant analysis on the signings (and trades!) that went down. They can all be viewed here.

I didn't get to chime in on a lot of the signings because there were three of us so I thought this would be the perfect time for the rest. There isn't much need to go deeper on the guys I've already covered, as I'll just talk about them at a later date in depth. I just want some quick hits on the more notable ones that I didn't specifically write about.


Oh, except one thing. What about Detroit's top-6? I wrote about Pius Suter but didn't write about their lineup. For the first time in several years, they could have two competent scoring lines, and maybe even a semblance of a third line? What about…




That isn't… terrible? Not-terrible is a step forward for the Wings, and that actually looks like a decent top-6 to me. At least one that can threaten to score every time it steps on the ice. And if Raymond shows up, that's a whole other dimension.

I like the direction the team is going here. Lots of good, young players all over the place. Give them time, but it seems on the right track.


When I heard the Dougie Hamilton-to-New-Jersey rumours, I didn't quite believe them. This was a team that still seemed far away from doing anything and they didn't need a big-ticket free agent right now.

On the other hand, they now have a healthy Nico Hischier to play behind Jack Hughes, who is turning into an elite centre as we speak. Yegor Sharangovich showed promise, Alexander Holtz is on the way, and they've completely revamped the blue line. They're two top-6 forwards away from a competent top-6, and that's all Dougie and that blue line needs to be a dangerous team.

They aren't there yet, though, so this isn't immediately great news for Hamilton. Carolina scored 3.1 goals per 60 minutes last year and New Jersey was at 2.6. That may not change a whole lot this year, so the environment is worse for H