Ramblings: Dallas’s Lineup; Dellandrea; Farabee; Hischier – August 19

Michael Clifford


The Dallas Stars had a very tough season in the shortened 2021 campaign. They had their own COVID shutdowns, which was something many other teams had to deal with. But they also had a slew of injuries that really held this team back. Out of a possible 56 games, Alexander Radulov played 11, Tyler Seguin played 2, and Ben Bishop played none. Roope Hintz missed over a quarter of the season and was basically day-to-day all year long. (That he had such a good year regardless should probably tell us a bit of how good he is, too.) Though he's not the same impact as the other players, Joel Kiviranta only played half the season as well.

In all, that is at least three top-6 forwards who missed basically the whole years or were injured the whole years, their starting goalie, and a top prospect. It is little wonder they missed playoffs, then.

The funny thing is, they weren't a bad team, either. Their actual goal share at 5-on-5, despite all those injuries, was better than other playoff teams like Montreal and St. Louis. Their expected goal share at 5-on-5 was third in the league, trailing only Colorado and Toronto. What hurt them was middle-of-the-pack goaltending and bottom-end finishing. Again, that makes sense when looking at their injury list.

How good is Dallas, then? If this was a team that was no worse than the middle of the league with all those guys out, where do they stand with them back (save Bishop)? There weren't any significant additions to the lineup in the offseason, depending on one's view of Ryan Suter at this point of his career. They did add some bottom-6 depth, but the big boost for this team will be a (hopefully) healthy season from Seguin, Radulov, and Hintz.

What does their lineup look like, then? If we think about the three forwards just named, plus the guys who were healthy last year in Joe Pavelski, Jason Robert