Forum Buzz: Tolvanen, Weegar, Provorov vs. Hronek, How Many Goalies to Keep, Gurianov & More

Rick Roos


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Topic #1In a H2H standard roto league, which four of these seven should be kept, with the desire being to keep those who will be best long term even if it takes them more time to reach their full potential: Marco Rossi, Cole Perfetti, Eeli Tolvanen, Cody Glass, Morgan Frost, Sam Bennett, Connor McMichael?

Right off the bat there are two Nashville guys on the list, with the caveat being it's been over a decade since ANY Nashville forward scored 65 points. That having been said, perhaps Nashville will be undergoing a transformation thanks to the likes of Tolvanen, Glass and Philip Tomasino. Tolvanen also is a nice multi-cat contributor. Even though there is a long-term viewpoint at play, I'd probably only keep one of the two, if either.

Perfetti seems like an easy pick. He has center/wing versatility, looked great in the AHL, and should get to Winnipeg in enough time to be mentored by