Ramblings – Eight Good Fits for Gusev; Why Buffalo Fans Should Want Eichel Trade To Take Longer; More (Aug 23)



The Fantasy Guide was released LAST WEEK!

As you know, this Guide gets updated throughout the offseason. More frequently as training camp opens. But rest assured, you will get up to the minute info. Just re-download it as needed! An update was done on Sunday, albeit a minor one.

Those of you who live in the Toronto area, the Vancouver area or the Calgary area and listen to the FAN sports radio, be on the lookout for the DobberHockey advertisement! This will be a first for me. The promo will run for the next six weeks. I’ve heard the ads and they sound great. The secret is out!


Quebecers, and in fact most Canadians, perked up last week with the news that Arizona has to be out of their arena after this season. The hope is that Quebec City gets their team back. As much as I'd love to see that, I think the odds are slim. Slimmer than slim. Like 1% slim. Historically, Gary Bettman has clung to keeping teams in place. If he thinks they have any chance at all, they're staying. Stability is top priority for him. He also loves the dynamic of the divisions. The distribution of the team geography. Everything fits perfectly. He'll fight tooth and nail to make it work. If he thinks there is no chance it will work, then he'll pull the plug early – like he did with Atlanta. But we know his feelings on Arizona. The team was dead in the water a couple of times over the years and each time that happened he performed mouth-to-mouth and brought out the defibrillator. Bettman has been loyal to his NHL cities, be it Nashville, Arizona or Florida. There was once, back in 2007, pre-sold season tickets for Hamilton that outsold Nashville's season ticket base and yet he still kept the team in place (and subsequently blackballed Jim Balsillie from all things NHL). So no, this team is not going to Quebec.


Stop being impatient when it comes to trading Jack Eichel. Buffalo fans, of all people, should be praying – praying! – for the trade stalemate to drag on well into December. Even if it means him sitting. The longer this goes, the better the return.

Dynasty owners of Jack Eichel and Vladimir Tarasenko need to hold tight. No panic trades. Hang in there. A time will arrive when their trade value will be high. That time is not now. I own Tarasenko in one league – and it's the waiting game. I went through this before with Sidney Crosby and his massive concussion problems. Obviously waiting it out paid off. Talent is talent. At the very worst, the player becomes plagued by injuries similar to Peter Forsberg. But as you know, Forsberg certainly had his high-value seasons.


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