Frozen Tools Forensics: Streakers Part II

Chris Kane


Last week we started a conversation about 2020's most streaky players. Using the Most Consistent report from the report's page we were able to look at which players were pointing more or less consistently than we would expect given their point pace. We left off with one major question though – is this something that is repeatable? This week we are going to attempt to answer that question.

As a quick reminder the Most Consistent report breaks down a player's total points, their number of games with a point, and then uses that to generate a consistency percentage. Basically the number of games where a player got a point divided by the total number of games. Given that players who score more points are going to show up as more consistent, we ranked a player's point pace compared to the rest of the league and compared that rank to their consistency percentage rank to get an idea of how far off that player was from their expected. A positive change (as seen in the table below) indicates that these players have a more even spread of points than expected for their point paces. It essentially means these players have fewer than expected games without a point, and often means fewer multipoint games.

NamePosAgeTeamGPPTSPTS/GPRankGP w/ PtConsistency %RankΔ In Ranks
ANDERS LEEL31NYI27190.7971659.264453
JESPER BRATTL23N.J46300.651152656.526253
PATRIC HORNQVISTR34FLA44320.73872761.363948

On the flip side a negative ranking means a player has many more games without a point than we would expect given their point pace. It also typically means this player has more multi-point games.

NamePosAgeTeamGPPTSPTS/GPRankGP w/ Pt<