Capped: Team-by-Team Buy and Sell – Part 4

Logan Doyle


The season is upon us. With it comes part four of the 'buy' and 'sell' series. You can find the first three parts here: Part I, Part II, Part III.

This week we'll cover the New York Islanders to the Seattle Kraken with perhaps another surprise selection or two. Again, I intentionally exclude superstars on good contracts and all entry level deals. There's no secrets in wanting to own any of those players.

This is all about value hunting. So lets dive in:

New York Islanders

BUY: Anthony Beauvillier (LW) $4.15M, 3 years

He is coming off a disappointing season with 28 points in 47 games. He did manage to salvage it somewhat with 13 in 19 playoff games. Yet expectations were much higher than what he delivered. His disappointing season would have been palatable at his new cap hit. At least he was cheaper while disappointing owners.

I expect Beauvillier to eclipse the 50-point plateau for the first time in his career and I would not be shocked if he teased the 55-60 range. There is solid upside here. His floor makes his cap hit manageable. Anything he delivers above the 45-point marker is pure value. Now, only if he could shoot the puck more for us multi-caters.

SELL: Anders Lee (LW) $7M, 5 years

At 31 years of age, Lee has only eclipsed the 60-point barrier once in his career. Yes he shoots over 2.5 shots per game. Yes he averages two hits per game, but at this price, I want a player that will deliver more points as well. His new teammate, Kyle Palmieri delivers almost as much offence for two million cheaper with similar peripherals.

You don't have to look far to find a cheaper version Lee to add to you roster. I want a bit of punch for this price tag. Max Pacioretty is a good example of a player I would happily pay $7M.

New York Rangers

BUY: Igor Shesterkin (G) $5.66M, 4 years

I drank the entire jug of Shesterkin Kool-Aid. I will be surprised if he is not a Vezina finalist at some point during this contract. You look at some of the $6M goalies around the league, Jordan Binnington, Jacob Markstrom, you won't find many, if any, owners willing to move Shesterkin straight across. He should provide top-10 goalie numbers in multi-cat leagues most years (I can't say every year, goalies are voodoo), with the potential to become a legitimate number one and enter the top goalie tier joining Connor Hellebuyck and Andre Vasilevskiy. All at a much lower cap hit.

There is a slim chance the odd owner is not sold on him at this price tag. I would kick every Shesterkin tire I can find to see if the window is open a crack to swoop. This will be an incredible value deal sooner rather than later.

SELL: Jacob Trouba (D) $8M, 5 year