Capped: Team-By-Team Buy and Sell – Part 2

Logan Doyle


Hey folks welcome back for part two. I'll skip all pre-amble and just jump right into the next six teams. Anyone that missed our first part can find it here. In it, we covered players like Chychrun, Shattenkirk, Markstrom, and Coyle.

Chicago Black Hawks

BUY: Dylan Strome (C) $3M, 1 year

This is admittedly a long-term play. You will get good to really good value this year on that $3M contract. There is the possibility Strome delivers 60 points in 2021-22. At 6-3 and 204 games played, we can apply 'big-man theory' here which means we are two full seasons from what should be his true coming out party. There remains untapped upside.

He's a restricted free agent at the end of the year and at age 24, the clock is ticking on bridge deals. The door seems open for Chicago to sign him on a five- to six-year deal with a really reasonable cap-hit. This is a buy and stash opportunity in dynasty pools.

SELL: Jonathan Toews (C) $10.5M, 2 years

I am not expecting Toews production to fall off a cliff over the next two years. He has really been an enigma over his career in nailing down his production over the years. He is such a complete player that his point totals fluctuate significantly year over year. He may give you 60 points, or he may give you 80.

In multi-cat leagues, he's not a big hitter, not known as a volume shooter so you rely on his production – unless you're in face-off pools. His value significantly increases in those pools. He has never fully been able to justify the enormous contract to owners. Turning 34, it's time to turn the page while there's still value in a return. $10.5M can go a long, long way in upgrading a roster. There are similar players available at half the cap hit, Bo Horvat, Nazem Kadri would be two players I would look at as replacements that will leave you ample salary to upgrade other roster spots as well. You won't get Horvat in return, expect a much smaller return value. The most valuable return for moving Toews will be the cap space it creates.

Colorado Avalanche

BUY: Cale Makar (D) $9M, 6 years

There are some owners that are just scared off big cap hits. They want every contract to be a value contract. This can be especially true with defencemen. Very few defencemen can justify a $9M cap hit in fantasy circles. Cale Makar is one of them. Six years feeding Nathan MacKinnon and Mikko Rantanen, yes please.

He was a point-per-game player last year, albeit a shortened season (44 points in 44 games). Even if we account for regression in the second half of a full season due to wear and tear he would have still pushed 70-points.  The sky is the limit with Makar. In Erik Karlsson's glory days folks tinkered with the idea he could hit 90 points. I believe Makar will see the 90-point mark at some point in this contract