Capped: Team-by-Team Buy and Sell – Part 5

Logan Doyle


Welcome back for the fifth and final part of the team by beam buy and sell series. This week we cover seven teams starting with the St. Louis Blues.

You can find the previous parts to this series here.

In case you are jumping in without having read the first four parts I'll reiterate that I have excluded entry level contracts as well as obvious superstars on great deals (IE: Brad Marchand, Nathan MacKinnon).

Now the preamble is done, let's check out the final seven teams:

St. Louis Blues

BUY: Jordan Kyrou (RW) $2.8M, 2 years

I almost picked Pavel Buchnevich as the 'buy' option. It is the second power play assignment to start the year that made skip him and choose Kyrou. I would much rather pay Kyrou $2.8M on the second power play than I would Buchnevich at $5.8. It is also very possible point totals between the two end up similar. If you can get close to the same production for just under half the cost, you have to take it.  Is it really worth an extra $3M in salary for ten points and 40 extra hits?

Take the cheap option and use the money to fill out a weak spot on your roster. Kyrou should build on a strong rookie season and break 50-points easily.

SELL: Vladimir Tarasenko (RW) $7.5m, 2 YEARS

Word is his shoulder is completely healed. That's great, I hope it is. At this price-tag though, I'm not convinced him at his best warrants allocating this kind of money on him. There's an everlasting allure to the name Tarasenko that keeps trade value alive even with injuries.

Previously, in 2016-17, a healthy Tarasenko topped out with a career high 75 points. Sure there is a few really good years of production left in 'Tank's' tank. He's one of those players where their ceiling taps them out at 10-points per million in salary with little room for upside beyond that. Take advantage of the incoming hot-streak, his name value and cash in.

Tampa Bay Lightning

BUY: Nikita Kucherov (RW) $9.5M, 6 years

Yep, I am aware he is out long-term, well six to ten weeks. Two years in a row Kucherov will have missed significant regular season action. Contending teams that held onto him last year may be frustrated, if not beyond.

 Not all owners will be willing to sell him, let alone sell him at a discounted value. Yet, there will be opportunities out there. Kucherov is still 28 years old. The difference with Kucherov and Tarasenko above is the potential return when he does come back – he can give you 15 points per million, or more, on that $9.5M contract. 

This is a long-term suggestion – for dynasty owners. This will be the cheapest Kucherov will be to acquire for the remainder of this contract.

SELL: Ryan McDonagh (D) $6.25M, 5 years

I'm pointing out the obvious, I know. The reality is, there aren't really poor contracts on this roster beyond McDonagh, who in real life is a pretty good defenceman. He just doesn't do much to help the fellow fantasy-GM. You can't pay six million f