Ramblings: COVID Updates on Crosby and others; Drouin and Lundell; Tarasenko and Dumba – November 4

Michael Clifford


Not the news that Penguins fans or fantasy hockey owners wanted to hear: Sidney Crosby has COVID.

Now, he should be fine, assuming he's vaccinated (which he is), along with teammate Brian Dumoulin, who also tested positive. We have seen some players develop long-term issues from this, namely Marco Rossi and Brandon Sutter. Both those guys were unvaccinated when they got the virus 6-10 months ago, though, so hopefully Crosby (and the rest of the NHL that is dealing with this) will be just fine in short order.


Tyler Johnson also has COVID and missed Wednesday night's game. He is the latest victim of the Blackhawks' breakout.

For a minute, let's set aside how much this has impacted our lives and the lives of those who contract it. Let's just focus on fantasy hockey and the implications here for a second.

Vaccinated people are less likely to carry and contract the virus, but anyone who has played fantasy sports long enough should know that "less likely" doesn't mean "impossible". In fact, with a lot of teams having lax rules for vaccinated players – no masks, for example – this is inevitable. These guys are spending hours every day in a room with the same groups of people. If you're vaccinated, but you're still spending five hours a day in a room with 1, 2, 3 or more people with COVID, you're still at high risk to contract it. It's that simple. And unless the NHLers decide to get dressed at home by themselves like they're six years old again, this is just going to be a fact of life in this league. We can stamp our feet at how unfair it is, or we can just… accept what is blindingly obvious.

It'll be a frustrating season in this regard but it's what we signed up for. Let's just hope there aren't (more) serious health implications for the players, because it sure seems to me that hockey is breaking out at higher rates than other team sports.


Some good Jonathan Drouin news:

He took a puck to the head on Tuesday night and was taken to a local hospital for testing and observation. It seemed like he had incurred another br