Fantasy Mailbag: Cap Constraints, Line Stacking, Petry, Khudobin, Frost, Caufield, Rielly, Kaprizov & More

Rick Roos


Welcome back to another edition of the Roos Lets Loose monthly mailbag, where I answer your fantasy hockey questions by giving advice that should be useful to all poolies even if they don't own the specific players being discussed. As a reminder, if you want your fantasy hockey question(s) answered in the next mailbag, check out the end of the column, where I explain the ways to get it/them to me and as well as the details you should provide when sending. The earlier you send a question the more likely it is to be included in the mailbag, and the deeper dive I can provide with my reply.

You'll notice the mailbag is less full this month, likely due to it being still pretty early in the season. Be sure to take advantage and submit a question for next month though, since as you'll see, when there are fewer questions I really can provide detailed answers. Even in the months when the mailbag fills up, avid readers know I still always provide plenty of insight and information in my answers.

Question #1 (from Ken)

As I write this question, I'm sitting in 2nd place in my points-only (PPPts worth two points) keep six league. My main underperformers are Cole Caufield and Jeff Petry. My other subpar skaters are Jonathan Toews, Tomas Tatar, Kasperi Kapanen, and Anthony Beauviller. Other teams have already started to make trades, while thus far I've stood pat. My question is do I cut bait with Petry and/or Caufield, trading them for whatever I can get? What about the others? Or do you think I should continue to be patient?

First things first, you're in second place, so obviously things are going well. Sure you have a few players who aren't performing; but you're doing better than most, so best to avoid pressing the panic button.

You should definitely wait on Petry. He's one of maybe a handful of defensemen who is his team's chief source of blueline offense and with a complete lock on PP1 time, what with