Forum Buzz: Trading Pettersson; Raymond vs. Puljujarvi; Kaprizov; Horvat; Bjorkstrand; Batherson & More

Rick Roos


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Topic #1Should a GM trade Elias Pettersson in a keeper, and, if so, what caliber d-man should they expect to get (G, A, STP, FOW, Takeaways, HIT, BLK, PIM, and SOG are counted)?

Trading Pettersson now – to most – would trigger worries of selling too low, given his talent plus what we saw in his first two seasons, not to mention he's yet to even hit his 200-game breakout threshold. However, we're starting to get into territory such that at least back of the mind concern has to be creeping in, whereby those who own Pettersson are rightfully beginning to worry he just might not end up being the top tier player that was expected.

Let me also remind readers that even when Pettersson had his great first two seasons, I found his closest statistical comparable was Paul Stastny, whose early career success faded amidst inconsistency and injuries………kind of like what we're seeing from Pettersson. Also, Pettersson is failing despite getting heaps of PP time; and his poor results from 2020-21 came even while seeing a staggering 75% offensive zone starting percentage. As far as hope relating to the 200-game breakout threshold, that's generally for players who didn't make an initial impact, rather than those who poolies are hoping will bounce back.

Even still, Pettersson is still young enough and with name recognition that even now chances are a GM in most leagues will value him at a level where you could get a pretty decent return for him. The question is whether to pull the trigger in order to salvage some value before he possibly turns into the next Alex Galchenyuk, or instead wait and hope he figures things out. If he was to be moved, it likely would be to try and land someone who also is playing below expectations but could become special. Defensemen who might be targeted in trade could include the likes of