Top 10 ‘Cold’ Players

Tom Collins


Depending on the timing, prolonged cold streaks from a number of your fantasy assets can quickly torpedo your fantasy season. 

Most players will hit a cold spell, but you hope those cold periods will be short and that they won’t all occur at once. You also hope they arrive earlier in the year rather than during the stretch drive or the fantasy playoffs. 

One of my favourite things to do on the Dobber web site is to sift through the hot/cold section. It’s a quick, simple way to see if there might be a player you can target that may be frustrating another fantasy general manager. Think of all those GMs who sold low on Blake Wheeler before Wheeler put up 12 points in seven games. The fact Wheeler may be out long-term after Friday’s game shouldn’t deter you from picking up other cold players. Andre Burakovsky just went through a spell where he had one point in seven games, but now has five points in his last two games. 

However, not all cold streaks are created equal. Some may be because of puck luck or because of injuries to teammates, and you figure they’ll bust the slump soon enough. But some other cold streaks may not have a silver lining. These are the players you want to avoid. 

Below are 10 players who are going through a cold streak, along with some reasoning of whether there is a reason to worry or not. 

10. Cole Sillinger

Only three players from the 2021 draft made the NHL this season, and the other two have been sent back to juniors or overseas. Sillinger had eight points in his first 13 games, but has two points in his 12 games since. Is there a reason for concern? Yes. In those first 13 games, he averaged three shots a game, 14:37 minutes and 1:52 of power-play time per game. In 13 games since, he is averaging 1.08 shots, 13:05 minutes and 1:09 minutes of power-play time per night. He’s also a minus-eight in that time. If you are in a dynasty league and can stash him in your minors, you should. 

9. Blake Coleman

Coleman had a small impact on the Flames early, with four points in his first six games, but he has slowed to a standstill since then. He has one point in his last 13 games, and three in his last 21. Is there a reas