Forum Buzz; Makar vs. Fox, Trading MacKinnon, Upgrading Keepers, Barzal, Beauvillier, Yamamoto, & More

Rick Roos


Welcome back to Forum Buzz, where I peruse the DobberHockey Forums and weigh in on active, heavily debated, or otherwise relevant recent threads, reminding folks just how great a resource the Forums are. Nearly anything might be covered here, other than trades and signings, which usually get their own separate write-ups on the main site and are also normally covered in the next day’s Ramblings, or questions that are specific to salary cap issues, which is the domain of the weekly Capped column.To access the specific forum thread on which a question is based, click on the “Topic” for that question.

Topic #1– In a Keep 12, Points only, Cap ($94M), 11 team, 10F, 4D, 1G + 5 bench, weekly lineup, 2 FA/year league, a GM is looking to move Sam ReinhartTeuvo Teravainen and/or Travis Konecny, and is aware that the owner of Mathew Barzal is open to trading him as part of a two for one deal. Is Barzal worth obtaining and, if so, which two of the three would make the most sense to trade for him?

First off, let's look at salaries, which will be key as it's $94M for 20 players, meaning an average of $4.7M per player. Not the most generous cap number I've seen, but certainly far from the worst. The contract details for each player are: Barzal ($7M, ending 2022-23), Reinhart ($6.5M, 2023-24), Konecny ($5.5M, 2024-25), and Teravainen ($5.4M, 2023-24). If this team acquires Barzal, they'd get the player who's not only most expensive now, but also has the shortest time left on his deal. The good news is Barry Tr