Top 100 Roto Rankings: January 2022

Ian Gooding


COVID protocol has been a revolving door all season, particularly during the last couple months. As a result, we have many players returning to the Roto Rankings from injury and COVID protocol last month, but numerous other players who have been removed from the main rankings for the same reasons.

Due to the number of injuries and COVID-related absences, it's possible that this list is not current by the time you view it. The list "should" account for all players injured/in COVID protocol before game time on Friday, January 14. The next update will be made in mid-February 2022.

Because of the sheer number of players placed into COVID protocol last month, you may notice some players who you might think should rise or at least maintain their ranking that have fallen a little bit this month. Rankings are based on anticipated future production for the rest of the season and not necessarily past production this season.

Due to the instability of many lineups (again, COVID), defensive structure has suffered. This may explain why goalies dominate the names that have been bumped out of the top 100.

Keep in mind that these are single-season rankings for a head-to-head or rotisserie league using the following settings: G, A, +/-, PPP, SOG, HIT, W, GAA, SV%. These rankings are intended for 2021-22 single-season leagues and are different from keeper rankings.

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Are there any players that you believe are ranked too high or too low? Did we miss anyone in the top 100, or is there a player there that probably shouldn't be? Let us know in the comments below, and we will consider your feedback when compiling next month's rankings.

1Connor McDavidF1012/21 – Still #1 – convince us otherwise
2Leon DraisaitlF2012/21 – The main threat for #1
3Alex OvechkinF30
4Auston MatthewsF4012/21 – Back scoring at a G/GP pace
5Artemi PanarinF50
6Nathan MacKinnonF6012/21 – Back from injury, but just 3 G in 15 GP
7Jonathan HuberdeauF70