Frozen Tools Forensics: Multi-Cat Kings in Tkachuk, Trouba, and Weegar

Chris Kane


Now that we are at about the halfway mark of the season it seems appropriate to take a look at some first half successes. In this case though we are going to deviate from point paces and pay homage to the multi-cat kings. Being in two leagues that count peripheral categories I can attest that we don't always spend enough time on these players. It is time to do our part to rectify that.

This week on Frozen Tool Forensics: Mid-Year Multi-Cat Kings

As ever the naming conventions over at Frozen Tools are on point as they have an aptly-named Multi-Category report for us. In it we get a breakdown of some general scoring categories as well as hits, blocks, and penalty minutes. For the purposes of this article, we are going to focus on hits and blocks so apologies if your league also includes penalty minutes.

There are two other features in this report that I want to highlight. The first is the inclusion of combined columns. The report is programmed to give combined counts of hits and blocks, and hits, blocks, and shots. This is a great feature as it allows managers to filter in sort of a summative way those players who contribute in the sort of 'defensive' categories of hits and blocks, and then also sort by which players are also contributing something on the offensive side of the ice to by adding shots.

The second piece is the per game breakdown where each stat is given on a per game level. This is particularly helpful in a year like this where, in addition to the usual injuries, we have had a ton of players missing time due to COVID, and even teams themselves having played significantly different amounts of games.

To get us started this week I am going to pull the per game side of the report. I have exported it to move some columns around, filtered by forwards, and sorted by hits and blocks. Oh, and I also put in a 20-game minimum.

RYAN REAVESRNYR360.250.564.170.224.39
CAL CLUTTERBUCKRNYI350.231.263.940.434.37
GARNET HATHAWAYRWSH390.361.923.670.674.33
NICOLAS DESLAURIERSLANA440.141.163.660.644.3
ZACH ASTON-REESELPIT340.271.093.680.594.26

Not surprisingly we are getting a lot of high hits forwards who don't block all that much, don't shoot that much, and don't point that much.