Capped: Analyzing Potential Trade Targets like DeBrusk, Kessel, and Severson – Part 3

Jamie Molloy


In this week's installment of 'Capped' I am going to be touching on a few more of the players that could have themselves wearing a new home uniform in the next couple of weeks after the NHL trade deadline concludes on March 21st. Like the title suggests, this will be the finale for this small series for the time being (unless by popular demand you want to see another part, if so please let me know) after discussing 12 different players that may have new homes. The list of excellent NHL talent is starting to dip a little bit and are becoming slightly less fantasy relevant. When we get into the week of the trade deadline there may be more names available, if that happens to be the case I'll try and touch on a couple of them in some sort of way. The others in this series can be viewed here.

Remember, before pursuing anything within your league please make sure that you understand the rules, the scoring, and the features that your league uses.

*None of these players have been officially traded as of yet, these are the ones that are believed to be on the move come the NHL trade deadline, and there is a reality where some do not end up being traded.*

#1) Jake DeBrusk – LW – Boston Bruins

Contract: $3.675M – 1 Year remaining (expires this summer)
Roster Percentages: 6.2% ESPN, 22% Yahoo, 28% Fantrax

Jake DeBrusk, the former first round draft pick has made it known that he is looking for a trade out of Boston this year. He hasn't really had a prime opportunity throughout his career to be able to do what he was known for when they drafted him, that being score goals. The moment they added Taylor Hall, it meant DeBrusk was the guy that would be demoted to the third line. Given Boston's lack of offensive depth on their third line, he wasn't really receiving a bunch of support. With DeBrusk currently having 24 points (14 goals and 10 assists) in 49 games this season, that would equate to a 40-point pace over a full 82 game season. That isn't necessarily great for a player that has played 293 games in their career and was selected 14th overall in 2015. You may be asking why I am writing about him then if these numbers aren't that great, well its because he has 9 points in his last 6 games with 7 of them being goals. The Bruins currently have DeBrusk slotted on the top line with Marchand and Bergeron, with Pastrnak on the second line with Haula and Hall. No matter what kind of skill a player has, if they are playing with elite players, they should always be considered fantasy relevant in some way. Acquiring a guy like DeBrusk is taking on a risk, but this is a safer risk to take in my eyes. This may just be what he's needed in his career to really take off. If he can get confidence going in this type of role and keep producing right before the deadline, he may be able to carry this to whatever team he may end up going to. He doesn't really over a lot of areas for category leagues outside of shots and potentially points, but if your