Ramblings: Updates on Kyrou and Byram; Muzzin Nearly Ready; Ice Time Changes in March – April 5

Michael Clifford


After missing a couple games due to illness, Jordan Kyrou was back in the lineup for St. Louis on Monday night. This is a big deal for the Blues because while they have good forward depth, the third line has been struggling at times over the last month. He helps stabilize that line a bit, or at least helps boost their offensive profile. Good news all around for fantasy owners and the Blues.


A small update on Jason Zucker:

It was just a terrible break for the guy as he had just returned from injury. When there is a more solid update to provide, we will pass it along.


Jake Muzzin looks to be on his way back for the Leafs, with his return coming as soon as Tuesday night. This is a big deal for them as Muzzin returning healthy and playing like he did right up until this season would be huge for Toronto. Let's not forget that he had not been having a good 2021-22 season, though, and if he can't regain his form, this may not help that much.  


Bowen Byram was recalled by Colorado following a brief AHL stint. It seems very good news for him as there have been no setbacks since returning from his concussion problems. Those kinds of issues are always terrifying for a player no matter their age, but to see such a young player having to go through it is awful. Let's hope there are no more issues at the