Looking Ahead: Thomas, DeBrusk, Kadri, and the Nashville Predators’ Home Schedule

Andrew Santillo


Well, we've made it everyone, the last week of fantasy hockey (for the majority of leagues out there). This Looking Ahead is all about the fantasy owner whose matchup is down to the wire in a win and get in situation, the owner who has a first-round bye, and those just looking to best set themselves up for a playoff run. We're going to target players in great spots and use ice time and the schedule to our advantage here, let's dive in!  

The Immediate Fix (Grab this guy and use him for the next several days)

Robert Thomas, C/RW, St.Louis Blues (Available in 50% of ESPN leagues, 74% Fantrax, 49% Yahoo) –
So we're looking at you here, the fantasy player who needs a good weekend to get into playoffs. That means we're looking for a club that plays at least twice between Friday and Sunday, and if we can get four games next week that's a bonus if you make it in. Going through all the clubs and players that can really make a positive impact I think Thomas is in the best position.

For Thomas he does carry a higher roster percentage over on Fantrax and as far as ESPN and Yahoo leagues are concerned it's a coin flip. My guess is for leagues with 10 or fewer members he’s likely available for pickup, those in leagues with more than ten or larger rosters possibly not. In the event you can add Thomas though this is a move that I think will help boost your club and be able to grab some much-needed points.

The Blues play twice more this week, both tonight vs Minnesota and tomorrow vs the Wild, both of which are home games for St.Louis. They also have four games next week so being able to roster Thomas will benefit next week as well to help fill out a roster. As much as clubs have been lowering time on ice for or just evening out the ice time across all lines, Thomas's ice time has gone up from his average of 18:51 on the season to 19:03 the past week. This is very encouraging as there are a lot of great players and lines in hockey right now that are skating around the 15–17-minute mark.

I honestly really like Thomas as a playmaker as well, he reminds me of Brayden Point in that aspect. Thomas has 12 points in his last seven games played on a St.Louis second line that has been playing extremely well, centering Pavel Buchnevich and Vladimir Tarasenko. This line has been broken up and brought back together a few times this season but if were me I'd keep it together, and that's off both numbers and eye test. Although Thomas is only correlated with Buchnevich on the power play St.Louis typically splits up their units somewhat evenly and have been known throughout the season to mix up their forward groupings for each unit. If you can make a claim and add Thomas here in the short term, I think this is a great spot to help your club here on the last weekend of the season.

The Building Block (Buy now, sit back and enjoy the production)<