Ramblings: Prospects Making Their Debuts; Players To Watch or Avoid at Next Year’s Draft Table (Apr 12)

Alexander MacLean


If your league stats run through to the end of the regular season, you may want to check your stats/settings to make sure that you can now include the WPG/SEA game that has been rescheduled from today to May 1st due to inclement weather in WPG. I'm not sure if Yahoo or other platforms will extend to include it, but Fantrax will provide your commissioner the option.


Reading through Scott Wheeler's prospect notebook from the past few weeks, Mason McTavish caught my eye, as both Wheeler and another source were raving about his impact on the game and how he was a man amongst boys in the OHL. With the retirement of Ryan Getzlaf, and the trade of Rickard Rakell there is a spot on a scoring line for Mason McTavish next year. He has creativity, plus plenty of scoring ability in close and an NHL ready mind and frame. He's my way-too-early pick as rookie of the year next season.


I'm off tonight at my mother-in-law's, celebrating her 50th 29th birthday, so I won't be able to provide any updates on the key NCAA developed players making their NHL debuts. I'm sure you can find their boxscore stats and tons of eye-test impacts from their first games. Michael already gave some thoughts on Power, Beniers, and Johnson yesterday, but there are a few others that may be relevant for dynasty leagues as well who as of Tuesday afternoon look like they will be in the lineup. I will direct you to their DobberProspects profiles because the mini-sample at the end of the NHL season when the players get an NHL trial can really vary for different players, so read the scouting reports and try to keep the bigger picture in mind. It's always easy to overreact to these things.

Jack McBain

Bobby Brink

Nathan Smith


I wanted to go through a few players whose second-half paces or current