Lining Up: Great Schedules for Ottawa and Vegas for the Stretch Run

Peter Ryell


Welcome back to Lining Up. With a little skill and luck hopefully you have either wrapped up your championship or are set to battle it out over the final stretch. For those participating in Yahoo leagues, this final week will cover nearly two calendar weeks from today until the last day of the season on April 29th. This week will cover a few hot lines on teams with favourable schedules over this period of time. Nothing is off the table when it comes to the championship; if you are in a one-year league or limited keeper nearly everyone is expendable. Fortune favours the prepared.

Let's dive in.

Drake BathersonTim Stutzle

Ottawa is one of a dozen teams with seven games over this final period of hockey and they actually will play three more times between tonight and Saturday. If you need to be strategic about your final roster moves of the season, you could add an Ottawa player for their next three games before swapping him out for someone else with a denser schedule over the remaining period. For example Vegas and Edmonton play four games from Sunday the 24th to Friday the 29th. Regardless, if you can add an Ottawa player for the whole week, they play Vancouver, Columbus, Montreal, New Jersey and Philadelphia in five of their last six games. All great matchups especially when considering that eliminated teams are likely to give untested players time in the NHL.

The point is, Ottawa has a great schedule and that makes Batherson and Stutzle extremely enticing right now. Batherson in particular has been on an incredible run this season, currently sitting at 40 points in 39 games, he has surpassed his previous points per game totals by over 50%. The advanced metrics indicate some slightly higher than expected numbers with a PDO of 1041 and a PTS/60 of 3.3, however it is worth noting that Batherson is seeing a career high in average TOI at 18:42 which is more than two minutes above his previous highest average. In addition he is also shooting at an increased rate with the greater allotment of TOI with two and a half shots on goal this year compared to only two shots on goal last year. He also likes to chip in with some peripheral coverage, currently pacing at two hits and nearly a PIM per game as well. Possibly due to his recent lengt