Ramblings – Wings Snakebit, Fiala on Fire, Torrid Tarasenko, Prospect Test Runs… (Apr 25)



Now released – my 16th annual playoff draft list. Back in 2006, the very first product I released was this one. Just put it out there to see what it could do. I had been writing "Ramblings" and posting Rankings for about five months at this point and figured I would see how I would do selling something. Just over 100 people bought that first list, sending me a couple of bucks via PayPal. And a business was born! This spreadsheet has the ability to pick the winners each round, and adjust the projected games accordingly. I set their projected points-per-game average based on this season and prior playoff performance, as well as how they've been doing over the past month. The games are adjusted based on how far you think each team will go (and I factor in player injuries as well). Then, if you have MS Excel, simply click one of the buttons and sort your list by team, by player name or by points projection. What I love about this is that you can run several scenarios and print off each for your draft. Then, based on how the draft is going, you can then work off the best list that is left. For example, if one list is heavy on the Lightning, but you pick 10th and four Tampa players are taken before it even gets to you – then you may want to toss that list and roll with another one.

The spreadsheet also has my own list in there. Another option for you.


I also released my Box Pools sheets, which are free. Yes, I set the players into boxes so you can run a pool at the office or with your friends. Just download it and it's ready to print. And I also set up the DobberHockey annual NHL Bracket Challenge. Download the former and get the link to the latter here.


The Red Wings are one of several teams putting together a nice future. But what's a little discouraging to see, as a fantasy owner, is the team's scoring output going off a cliff in the second half. In the first half we had Lucas Raymond and Moritz Seider flying high. Raymond was at a point-per-game pace in the first quarter, while Seider was comfortably on a 65-point pace midway through the season. Teams are keying in on them, and that may take a year of adjustment for the two future star