DFS Saturday: Showdown Time

Stephen Dotzel


Sad times for NHL DFS as in all likelihood the days of multiple games on a single slate are over. I'd expect the two Conference Final series to alternate days, giving us one game per night. With that said, if you still want your fantasy fix there is a game available on most of the major sites. On DraftKings it's called "Showdown", on FanDuel it is called "Single Game", and on Yahoo it is just the only game type available. Be sure to thoroughly read the rules and scoring for the particular site you're playing on as all three sites have some differences.

For the purpose of this article, I will be sticking with DraftKings "Showdown". It's a fairly simple conversion if you're already familiar with the classic scoring as it's mostly the same. The main difference is in the roster construction. Classic contests have nine spots – Two centers, three wingers, two defenseman, a goalie, and a flex. Showdown, however, only has six spots – a captain and five additional flex players. All six spots can be any position including goalie.

Your captain in showdown will score points on a 1.5x multiplier and the remaining five players will score points the same as they normally would. For example, if a player scores a goal and he is in one of your five flex spots, it will be worth the standard 10 DraftKings points. But if he is in your captain slot, it will be worth 15 points. The catch is, your captain also costs you 1.5x in salary compared to the other five spots.

From there, the objective is to obviously pick a lineup of six players that will outscore everyone else's lineup of six players. Personally, I find showdowns more difficult than the classic format, mainly because with the smaller roster the margin of error is super thin. But it's pretty simple to play and with only one game it makes for a great viewing experience as you can watch the game and follow your lineup at the same time.

With contests at several entry fee levels, give it a try Saturday in something small to get your feet wet.

Captain Considerations

In low-scoring games, a goalie or sometimes two are nearly a must. Typically a goalie who records a shutout or is on the winning side of a 2-1, 3-1 type game makes for a great captain. With that being the case, consider Igor Shesterkin ($16,200) tonight who is obviously one of the top goalies on the league and we've yet to see Carolina win a road game during this season's playoffs.

Flex Considerations

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Once you have your captain, you need to fill out your roster. And keep in mind per the rules you need at least one player from each team. If Igor is my captain and I'm expecting a Rangers win I'll likely want to have a Ranger stack in here somewhere. I'll look at the top line for New York who had some success in the previous two home games, so that's Mika Zibanejad ($10,000), Chr