Top 10 Disappointments of 2021-22

Tom Collins


The life of a fantasy hockey general manager is never easy. All your planning and research go right down the drain as soon as the puck drops on the first game of the season.

Some players go into slumps right away and never shake out of it. Because of their history, you may be hesitant to drop them. They are a liability to your team, as they are either taking up bench space or a roster spot and aren’t producing.

So you’re stuck holding on to those players for too long, hoping for a rebound.

Below are 10 players who were disappointments this year. Note that you won’t see any goalies on the list, as they had their list already. Also, we’re not taking injuries into account, as that has also been done.

10. Elias Pettersson

This one is more of a slight disappointment, but in a season where goal scoring was up and good-to-elite players were putting up career highs, Pettersson’s 70 points have to be considered a blow. Sure, he had a slow start but played much better under Bruce Boudreau, but by then it was too late for many fantasy squads. Considering the hype he’s had, it’s a disappointment. He has yet to have a point-per-game season, and you can’t feel comfortable drafting him in the top 40 in a points-only pool.

9. Anthony Beauvillier

What made Beauvillier’s season so disappointing was that it was lacking in the usual second-half resurgence. He typically starts slow before rebounding enough in the second half, which entices fantasy hockey general managers to re-draft him the following season. This year, he had 20 points in his first 49 games and then had 11 in his next 11. Fantasy general managers must have been relieved that he was again back to his old ways, but he finished with only three points in his last 15 games. For those whose math is not their strong suit, that put Beauvillier at 34 points in 75 games. As he doesn’t contribute in other categories, that made him a detriment to your team.

8. Neal Pionk

In the two seasons preceding this one, Pionk had 77 points in 125 games. That ranks him as the 13th offensive defenseman over that span, an 82-game pace of 51 points. He was probably a little under the radar, as many don’t consider him a great offensive player, but this year he didn’t even reach a 40-point pace as he had 34 points in 77 games. He averaged fewer than two shots per game, which didn’t help. Also not helping is his lack of power-play time. Starting in late January,