Forum Buzz: Suzuki vs. Larkin; Raymond vs. Debrincat; Managing Huberdeau, Robertson, Lafreniere, Kreider & More

Rick Roos


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Topic #1In a multi-cat keeper league that favors scoring, who's the better own: Nick Suzuki or Dylan Larkin?

I really like both of these guys, as they're unquestioned #1 centers on teams that have nowhere to go but up when it comes to offense. The Habs are worse than the Wings now, and have a bigger climb; however, it wasn't that long ago that Detroit seemed to be in the same position as Montreal. Suffice it to say, both should be cornerstone keepers for the next decade. But which of the two is better? Let's see if we can dig deep enough to figure out the answer, noting that I won't look at other multi-cat stats since those weren't specified, although even if they were neither is markedly better than the other if considering traditional categories.

Larkin's SOG rate has held steady for several seasons, and his SH% was elevated in 2021-22 versus his career number. But Larkin was remarkably consistent during 2021-22, with 18-20 games, 19-21 points, and 55-59 SOG in each of the first three quarters of 2021-22. To me, that firmly establishes him as a point per game dow