Ramblings: Draft Favourites; Signing Recaps; Grier, Wickenheiser, Campbell & More (July 6)

Alexander MacLean


As the resident Nashville fan, I have to say that when I saw the Ryan McDonagh trade my immediate reaction was disappointment. To me it meant the team was going to continue to toil as a bubble playoff team, they were going to continue to spend money un-wisely, and they didn't have a full understanding of the leverage they had in taking cap from Tampa, nor did they somehow realize the leverage they had with the Phillipe Myers contract as a potential buyout and cap saving maneuver for another team.

Having some time to digest things, the Preds do become a better team with the move, and that's the whole point of making a trade. It may not be perfect for either side, but it could turn out to be a bit of a win for both. Gooding and Cliffy both gave their insights into the fantasy ripples, so I won't dive very far down that rabbit hole. I do think this will keep the Preds inside the playoff picture, as their defensive depth was a big issue last season. Adding Mcdonagh really solidifies the defensive end of things, and pushes the other players down the list into more suitable roles.


The NHL draft begins tomorrow, and there's a few notes I want to get out there before it gets underway. But first, if you didn't pick it up, you can do so here.

I put out my rankings at the time back in May, and things have changed a bit since then, though not really as much as you may expect. A few favourites of mine relative to where they are likely to be picked include Noah Ostlund, Denton Mateychuk, Jagger Firkus, Lane Hutson, and Isaac Howard. Hoping that the Preds (#17) and the Leafs (#25) can each pick one up, as well as me in my cap league where I have a first rounder (#27).

Speaking of, after having dealt away the #10 and #21 picks in a blockbuster, I was glad to recoup pick #27 in a separate deal, as that's right around where my main tier for fantasy relevance starts to drop off this year. There's a top-three with Wright, Cooley, and Slaf, a pretty clear top-nine with Nemec, Jiricek, Savoie, Gauthier, Kemell, and Lekkerimaki, before it levels out and you could make a case for about any of the next 18 guys to bring us to 27.

I expect there to be a few defencemen that rise up the draft board, seeing five or six