Ramblings – Dobber’s 12 Top Dynasty Picks from This Year’s Draft… (July 11)



The Fantasy Prospects Report was updated just over a week ago with our Mock Draft, plus several additional player profiles. It will be updated again either today or Tuesday, simply with notes in the Draftees section stating when they were drafted and by which team – and then handy links to and from that team's section. So keeper leaguers can use this document to evaluate all of that team's prospects quickly and easily.

Unrestricted Free Agency opens July 13, which is Wednesday.


The NHL Entry Draft for this year went down on Thursday and Friday and I have a few thoughts I want to delve into. Primarily, I want to stress that this year's crop of draftees was on the weak side. For now. Over the next season I am sure that a dozen or more of these kids will surge in fantasy value, similar to how Wyatt Johnston surged over the last year. But as things stand now, there are very few sure things in this year's draft and of the "sure things" – the upside is limited. As you saw a few NHL teams do in the later rounds, you should consider it too. I'm talking about moving later draft picks for picks next year. If it comes down to a decision between dropping a player you aren't thrilled about dropping so you can use a pick, or trade the pick for the same round a year from now, take the latter.

Here are the picks I like the most, strictly from a fantasy standpoint…

1. Simon Nemec, NJD – A defenseman with a high offensive ceiling. Where that will end up, or how long it will take him to get there, is the million-dollar question. But after missing out on Cale Makar in my main dynasty league, I feel like I'm on a mission to find the next one. Even though I know in my heart of hearts that a Makar comes once per generation. I had my eye on taking Nemec this year, but now that New Jersey grabbed him second overall I have zero chance of getting him now. Had he slid to fifth, as he was in many mocks, then I had a shot.

2. Logan Cooley, ARI – This is about as high an upside as you'll get in this draft. I think the Coyotes got themselves another Dylan Guenther in terms of production upside, except that Cooley is a centerman. Potentially, he could develop over the next year and we talk about him in the summer of '23 the way we talked about Trevor Zegras a year ago. In terms of pure upside, Cooley is probably