Capped: Discussing Free Agent Signings Like Gaudreau, Copp, and Palat – Part 2

Jamie Molloy


Much like last week, I plan on discussing some of the free agent/trade targets and the contracts that they have recently signed. Since the free agent commenced, there has been sizable movement across the league, and that ranges from the top-flight players down to the depth players. This has been one of the more hectic free agent periods that I have witnessed in recent years that's for sure.

* The contracts being displayed will be the ones that were announced today, if a contract doesn't kick in until the 2023-2024 season, I will specify that in the player profile. Cap data from Cap Friendly.*

* Most recent season stats are displayed, followed by the career stats underneath. *

#1) Johnny Gaudreau – LW – Columbus Blue Jackets

Contract: $9.75M – 7 Years remaining

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A lot of people, including myself, predicted that Gaudreau was going to sign with the Philadelphia Flyers and as we all know, that did not happen. In a surprising turn of events, Gaudreau shocked the world and signed with the Blue Jackets. The 'big wigs' as I'll call them are bashing this signing and criticizing Gaudreau for this one, but something that people fail to remember is that this team has a lot of solid players to play around 'Johnny Hockey'. Players like Voracek, Bjorkstrand, Roslovic (has proved to be able to play with talented players in the past at times), and Laine. They also have a bunch of talented prospects on the way as well. Headlining that pipeline would be players like; Sillinger, Chinakhov, Johnson. We all know what type of player Gaudreau is, he is a world-class playmaker with elusive hands and the ability to put the puck in the back of the net. His price shouldn't concern you fantasy owners out there, $9.75M for a guy who put up 90 even strength points this year (led the league i