Ramblings: Draft List Now Available, Quality Starts and Really Bad Starts (July 31)

Ian Gooding


The Fantasy Guide will be ready in a few days (August 5), but in the meantime you can now download the Draft List spreadsheet! Inside you can find projections for numerous categories beyond goals and assists, giving you a head start in planning your fantasy hockey season. Download yours today if you've already made your Fantasy Guide purchase, or head over to the Dobber Sports store to purchase your Fantasy Guide if you haven't already!

If you've taken a peek at Frozen Tools, you've probably noticed some goalie stats that you don't see regularly, or may see on other websites in different forms. These stats are quality starts (QS), really bad starts (RBS), and goals saved above average (GSAA). I will hopefully cover GSAA another day, but for today I'll run through noteworthy goalies within the best and worst of quality starts and really bad starts.

At Frozen Tools, a Quality Start (QS) is defined as the following:

  • Games with save percentage above the league average
  • Games with fewer than 20 shots and a save percentage above .885

Frozen Tools then defines a Really Bad Start (RBS) as a game with a save percentage below .850.

Instead of total quality starts, which are usually earned by the highest-volume goalie, I'll list