Ramblings – Looking at Jarvis, Hanifin, Thompson and DeBrusk… (Aug 01)



The Fantasy Prospects Report was updated late last week, as I jotted down a brief note if a player moved to another organization or league. I didn't plan on any more updates to the FPR, but I'm reading it anyway as I work on the Fantasy Guide. When I go through a team I like to review the prospect pool thoroughly. Since I'm there anyway, I make tweaks. So you may see a couple more minor updates to the FPR yet. It's my OCD brain.


ANNOUNCEMENT: As a surprise on Saturday, I released the Draft List. Yes, that's right. My projections are out! So you can get a jump start on your own lists, and my colleagues in the industry can go over what I have and adjust their own draft kits for when they release theirs in a few days. I have to be first, it's in my DNA.

While the Draft List is now available, the Fantasy Guide is still slated for a Friday release at the usual 3pm release time. But between you, me and the computer screen – I am working hard to push this out on Thursday. With the projections done, the Advanced Stats analysis done, the columnists work already in, the line combos and other charts done – I just have a few blurbs to write for each team, as well as final adjustments.


One caveat to releasing the Draft List several days before the Guide (something I've never done before) is – that I am tweaking the odd player. When I put each team into the Guide in their proper line combinations, and go through the game logs of each key player, I occasionally see something that makes me want to adjust. I'm that obsessive-compulsive guy that you want doing this for you. I need to get it right. Since releasing the Draft List, I've already updated it twice – about one or two players per team have been tweaked. With over 900 players projected, by Friday (or Thursday?) when I release the Guide I will probably have changed about 50 of those players. No more than three to six points.

In the Guide itself I denote every change I do. But right now, the price for getting the draft list early is that there are a handful of players that I will tweak. No lower-lineup guys, just the top-end.


On that note, I wanted to discuss four of them here and disclose what I found and how it changed my thinking.

Jake DeBrusk – After doing his projection, which involved looking at his analytics