Ramblings – Why Huberdeau’s a Better Dynasty Own than Marner or Kaprizov (for now)… (Aug 08)




I released the Fantasy Guide on Thursday, that's right – a day early. Fixed two or three typos Friday, updated some RFA signings and a couple more typos on Sunday. So already updated twice. I don't like having a single thing wrong in this Guide. The best person to have putting together and updating a Guide is someone as obsessive as I am. You've seen it for 17 years. Pick up the Fantasy Guide here and immediately download both the PDF and the spreadsheet.

Also added Sunday – an update to the schedule article, adding a chart comparing teams that play on light days. Fantasy owners have found that one invaluable and we now have that in this year's Guide.


Fantasy Hockey Geek also has this year's projections in the system, so have at it!


One player that caught my eye while doing the Fantasy Guide was Damon Severson. Yes, I knew he had a good year. And yes, I knew he picked it up after Hamilton was sidelined. But after Hamilton returned, Severson was still seeing 2:50 in PPTOI per game (from February 24 onward) and had 19 points in 32 games overall – that's a 49-point pace. That's a great number while Hamilton is in the lineup. In all, Severson picked up 42 points in the last 60 games (a 63-point pace) after starting off slowly. He played primarily with Ty Smith during that first quarter of the season and that dragged his point totals down. Sometimes playing with a young player who isn't great in his own end will drag the veteran's totals down, as it did here.


I was always a fan of the underdog Mason Appleton. Not as a potential star first-liner being held back, but as a potential mid-60s second liner. Drafted 168th overall, he was a high-scoring college player although never quite a point-per-game guy. He took quickly to pro hockey though, posting 66 points in 76 games as an AHL rookie for Manitoba. And that is what caught my eye. I also liked how he – a former sixth-round pick, mind you – wo