Ramblings: Best Ball Leagues; Lehner Injury; Krejci’s Fantasy Value; Tomasino’s Rise – August 12

Michael Clifford


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This isn't a paid advertisement in any way, but I want to pass along the message that Underdog Fantasy has opened their best ball lobbies for the season! It truly is draft season now.

For those unfamiliar, best ball leagues are when you draft a team and leave that team as-is. There are no pickups, waivers or trades. Whatever you draft is your team for the year. After that, only a certain number of players count towards your final standings placement. It could be something like 7 out of 14 forwards, 5 out of 10 defencemen, and 2 out of 4 goalies count for the season. At Underdog, only 6 of 16 players drafted count towards standings, for example.

There are a number of reasons to do best ball leagues:

  1. They're good practice for other season-long leagues. With leagues starting at $3, fantasy players can spend under $20 and get a half-dozen drafts done for practice, and it will be with people trying to win (unlike mock drafts).
  2. They're ideal for people that are very busy during the season. People have work duties, families, get togethers with friends, volunteer commitments, and whatever else can pop up during the season. Setting aside time every day to set lineups and every week for waivers can be time consuming, especially for people playing a lot of leagues. Once you best ball team is drafted, the work is done, and that's great for people with very little free time.
  3. They're a good way for people to get their feet wet in fantasy. A lot of time, the difference between winning and losing during a season is the moves made during the season itself. For people just getting into the game, it can be a lot to ask, and the learning curve could push people away. Just getting them used to drafting and following a team for a year is