Goldipucks and the Three Bubble Keepers: Victor Olofsson, Kailer Yamamoto & Anthony Cirelli

Rick Roos


Welcome back to Goldipucks and the Three Skaters, a play on words of the Goldilocks and the Three Bears story. Instead of there being three bowls of porridge though, I cover three skaters and declare one too hot (i.e., doing unsustainably better than he should), another too cold (i.e., doing unsustainably worse), and a third “just right” (i.e., producing where he should be). In addition, I also assign each a rating of 1-10, indicating how hot (rated 7-10, where 10 is the most unsustainably hot), cold (rated 1-4, where 1 is the most unsustainably cold), or “just right” (rated 4-7, where 5.5 is the most “just right”) he is.

Of all the Roos Lets Loose columns, Goldipucks is the one most amenable to Bubble Keeper Week; so although there was a regular edition of my Goldipucks column just last week, I'm going back to the well again. On tap for Bubble Keeper Week are Victor Olofsson, Kailer Yamamoto, and Anthony Cirelli. Stop now to guess who was too hot, too cold, and just right for 2021-22, and then, as usual, check to see if you were on the money for all three.

Victor Olofsson (72 games, 20G, 29A, 164 SOG, 12 PPPts, 15:21 TOI, 2:14 PP, 47.6% PP%)

Drafted back in 2014, the now 27-year-old Olofsson didn't make it to the NHL for good until the 2019-20 season, going from virtual unknown to household name thanks to 42 points in 54 games, for a 64-point scoring pace. But as quickly as poolies flocked to Olofsson, he fell out of favor, dropping to a 47-point pace in 2020-21 and igniting whispers that his success in his first full seaso