Top 10 Players Ranked Too High on Yahoo

Tom Collins


Yahoo has recently opened up its fantasy hockey, and with it, its mock draft rooms.

Mock drafts are an important tool in understanding how your fellow general managers feel about certain players. It allows you to prepare different draft strategies in preparation for your fantasy draft. For instance, maybe you want to try the zero-goalie draft strategy, where you don’t select a goalie before a specific round. Mock drafts will give you a sense of what netminders may be available when you decide to start selecting them.

When it comes time to the draft, many fantasy general managers will simply go by Yahoo’s ranking system (although so far this offseason, the regular ranking and the experts ranking are the same). There are also no projections yet for 2022-23, which can make it tougher for those who don’t do a lot of fantasy leagues.

I’ve been doing a few mock drafts over the past week.

Below are the top 10 players ranked too high on Yahoo. While the value of players will rise and fall depending on your league’s categories and how many rounds it goes, keep in mind that Yahoo’s default categories are goals, assists, plus/minus, power-play points, shots on goal and hits for forwards and defensemen, and wins, goals against average, save percentage and shutouts for netminders. A usual Yahoo draft is 16 rounds, with general managers looking to draft two centres, two left wingers, two right wingers, four defensemen, two goalies and four bench spots.

10. Anton Lundell

Lundell is ranked 112th overall, although early fantasy drafts have pushed his average draft position around 156th. However, in Yahoo leagues with the usual categories, why would you even want to draft Lundell unless it’s a super-deep league? In 65 games last year, Lundell had 18 goals, 26 assists, plus-33, four power-play points, 125 shots and 26 hits. Essentially, you’re hoping he can increase in every category (aside from plus/minus), which may be too much of an ask.

9. Marc-Andre Fleury

In most leagues, he’s still worth a top-15 pick. But in these league settings, it’s a different story. However, he’s ranked in the top 10, and is being selected seventh or eighth in most of the mock drafts I’ve been doing. That’s why it’s important to know your league settings. If your league counts saves, it gives a boost to Fleury. While he’ll probably pick up plenty of wins behind Minnesota’s offense, his numbers for goals against average and save percentage were below average last year, even in his 11 regular season games with the Wild (and were even worse in t