Ramblings: Mock Draft Season with Player Notes & Key Observations (Aug 27)

Alexander MacLean


We're into mock draft season, which is basically as soon as mock drafts open up on Yahoo or Fantrax, right up until training camp starts. I've read my guide, I've sorted out my keeper situations, and now it's time to lean into the mock drafts and glean all we can from the current ADPs, depths by position, etc.

Every year I do a bunch of mocks to get a sense of how I feel about tiers at each position, and when I imagine I'll be trying to grab my second defenceman (usually earlier than you might think) or my first goalie (usually a lot later than you would think).

The problem with mock drafts on fantasy websites is that even if they fill up, the GMs don't take them seriously enough to re-create what your draft might feel like, and they don't stick around the whole time so there is a lot of auto-drafting (which mean players never fall and you end up reaching back all the time for players you don't like). We can't do much about the lack of players falling in drafts, other than being prepared and ready to jump on it when it does happen, but to get used to the challenge of drafting for your league, there are a few things you can do.

I've mentioned before in my ramblings that for my 10 or 12 team leagues, I like to prep by doing mock drafts for 14 teams. This means that the player pool depletes a little more quickly, and you get more used to having to pick between players you may not quite like as much when a certain pick rolls around. If you can start to ace the 14 team drafts with a good-looking team for a 12-team setup, then when the real draft comes around for your 12-team league, you're going to be drafting on easy mode.

A few notes early on:

Wingers seem shallow this year:

Usually in the round 2-7 range I stock up with a fair number of wingers every year, and though this year I don't expect it to be too different, I'm having trouble getting all that excited about the W options available at a given time.

In my most recent mock, I had pick 56, and looking down the list the best winger options were Pavel Buchnevich, William Nylander, Evander Kane, and Sam Reinhart. Three 70- to 80-point wingers with upside for a little more, and Kane who is a wild-card this year, but in league