Fantasy Hockey Poll: Possible Goalie Timeshares

Rick Roos


It's time again for a poll I run every year immediately after the release of the DobberHockey Fantasy Guide. At risk of stating the obvious, the Guide remains the single most indispensible fantasy hockey resource there is, and it can be ordered here.

One of the countless pieces of information in the Fantasy Guide is Dobber's viewpoint on the likelihood – expressed as a percentage – that an individual will end up being the true starting netminder on each squad. For a number of teams, the percentage is 100% or nearly that high; but for others, it's 75% or lower. That's where our poll comes into play.

Listed below are the ten teams where no goalie is denoted in the Guide as having above a 75% chance of being the starter for that team, plus an 11th team in Chicago, where Petr Mrazek likely will be the unquestioned starter if healthy, but that is a big enough if so as to make them also part of this poll. Your job is to vote for however many of the 11 teams you think will indeed have a goalie emerge as the true starter and backstop at least 60% of his team's regular season games, meaning that any goalie on that team will start 50+ contests in 2022-23. For those who are curious, only 16 teams, or exactly half of the NHL squads, saw one of its goalies start 50+ games in 2021-22. Whether that means all 11 of these teams will have timeshares remains to be seen, and will be assessed by your votes.

To clarify – you're voting for a team, not for a particular goalie. What that means is so as long as one of the goalies I listed for the 11 teams, or even a goalie who isn't named, starts 50+ games for one of these 11 teams, that team should get your vote. For each of the listed squads, if you instead believe no single goalie will end up starting 50+ contests, then don't vote for that team. Accordingly, you can vote for as many or as few teams as you want, or even opt for the "None of the above" 12th choice if you believe none of the 11 will have a goalie log 50+ starts in the 2022-23 regular season.

With that all out of the way, here are the teams, listed in alphabetical order plus the presumed two or more goalies – also listed alphabetically – who will be battling for starts. A link to cast your votes will appear at the end of the column. Oh, and I won't actually list the percentages for these 11 teams, or, other than Mrazek, indicate who's the favorite to be the starter for the majority of his team's games – you will need to buy the Guide to get that precious insight!

Boston Bruins (Jeremy Swayman/