Ramblings: Handicapping the Connor Bedard Sweepstakes… (Sep 05)




I released the Fantasy Guide on August 4, and the last update is September 4 with the Kulikov trade, Steel signing, plus my projected NHL standings. Pick up the Fantasy Guide here and immediately download both the PDF and the spreadsheet. One more feature article left and you can expect it this week – my top Calder Trophy picks. Otherwise, the Guide will get updates on injuries, signings, camp cuts and more – projections, line combos and notes all get updated throughout.


Have you checked out the new Goalie Post yet?


In reviewing the teams again last week in terms of projected standings and projected offense, I got a really good feel for the haves and the have-nots. And the list of teams is, of course, obvious. But let's review the situation and give some odds.

Let's get one thing out of the way right now. I don't have last year's bottom dweller in the mix. Montreal is in the clear. They're not a playoff team. Not even close. But they aren't going to be in the mix. In fact, I have six teams finishing below them in the standings and five of those teams have a real shot.

Some significant oddsmakers offer the following odds as of last week: Arizona and Chicago each at 3-1, Montreal at 5-1 and Buffalo at 10-1. Way off. Buffalo is safely out of the mix and are closer to a playoff spot than they are to finishing last overall. No, they'll still fall about 13 points short of a playoff spot and finish 13th in the East – but they'll be nowhere near last overall.

Website "Tankathon" has Chicago at 18.5%, Arizona at 13.5%, San Jose at 11.5%, Montreal at 9.5% and Buffalo at 8.5%.

All these people are wrong. I'm the only one who will be right, of course. Let me help you place some fun little wagers on whatever gambling site gives you the nicest odds. My partners, if you want to support me with any clicks (hint hint) are: BetMGM, bet365, Caesars and Unibet.


Out of the mix:

Buffalo – Come on. This steadily improving team is coming off a 75-point season. A full season of heal