Capped: Analyzing the Extensions of Stützle, Dach, and Miller

Jamie Molloy


Good day everybody, know there has been a slight hiatus over the last month or so and I do apologize for that. Between another move that happened somewhat last second, a slew of technical issues, and some other issues, the last month has been frustrating on a lot of fronts. With that said, I am back, and I present to you your weekly Capped article!

Over the course of the summer, there has been a lot of contract signings, along with extensions being given out to a lot of players that range from role players right up to the superstars in the NHL. The amount money that some players have received versus their body of work has been ridiculous up to this point. With the current scope of the salary cap, and the way the comparables/projectables are working out in today's NHL, I am nowhere near surprised that this has resulted in some players receiving a huge amount of money.

*If a player has signed an extension that kicks in at the beginning of the 2023-2024 season, there will be a note made about that, I will show the contract the player has for this upcoming season, along with the extension. *

* Most recent season stats are displayed, followed by the career stats underneath. *

#1) Tim Stützle – LW – Ottawa Senators

Contract: $925K – 1 Year remaining (expires this upcoming summer)
                   $8.35M – 8 Years remaining (begins in the 2023-2024 season)

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As of the time of writing this section, Tim Stützle and the Senators have now inked a massive extension worth just shy of $8.5M per year until he is 28 years old. Very limited experience, a very small sample size, but the sample that we've gotten to witness has been impressive. While he isn't at a point per game, lets also remember that the Senators haven't been deploying the best roster with the best supporting cast the last couple of seasons as well. Given the extension, it seems as though they envision him being a cornerstone of the team going forward. I think in the end this contract was signed at the right time, while the dollar amount blew my mind at first, I like to believe that if the Senators had waited until his ELC expired th