Ramblings: Outlook for D. Strome and J. Skinner, Thoughts on Notable Camp Cuts and more … (Oct. 03)



The last update for the Fantasy Guide was Sunday. Seven times.

That's right. The news is coming fast and furious now, from the Taylor Hall injury (week to week – upper body), to camp cuts (Ryan Merkley) to camp standouts (Connor Zary) – I've had to adjust my projections, put them into the Guide and Draft List (and the French versions of those) and upload them. And four different occasions more news came immediately and I had to do it all again!

So don't ask when was the last update, because the answer will always be "a few hours ago". Pick up the Fantasy Guide here and immediately download both the PDF and the spreadsheet. The Guide will continue to get updates on injuries, signings, camp cuts and more – projections, line combos and notes all get updated throughout.


Have you checked out the new Goalie Post yet? Set up your email update notifications now (you'll have to do it again, with the new platform). We updated the look further, for better clarity on 'confirmed' vs. 'likely' vs. 'probable'. Login, go to your settings, and check off the boxes of teams you want emailed updates on for starting goalie notifications. It's free!


One more announcement – Dobbernomics. Remember a couple of years ago when you played it, thought it was fun, but found it too slow or too much of a hassle to find and add players? You never went back, eh? Well, this has relaunched! A spanking new platform. Player search and page loads are instant. It's open for registration. We just need to add some frills and features, but the basic game itself is ready now! Put in your team, invite your friends. It's a free game and you won't find a better one. Think you're good at fantasy hockey? Let's put that to the test with this crazy-cool concept of buying low and selling high.

One feature I'm looking to add within the next week or two – if you login for seven consecutive days you get a bonus transaction on top of the five you