17 Fearless Forecasts for the 2022-23 NHL Season

Rick Roos


I can't believe it's been a full year since my 15 Fearless Forecasts for 2021-22 went live. For those of you who followed along, let's just say those results were……pretty bad, as you can see if you read this.

After a few months of licking my wounds and – hopefully – learning from my mistakes, I'm now ready to present a fresh list for 2022-23. Although it may sound like I'm making excuses in advance, I do want to point out that, as always, these are called Fearless Forecasts for a reason, since although all have logic behind them they're meant to be stretches and not softball predictions like you may find elsewhere. Still, even with that disclaimer, and the goal of having these be fun, I do hope a good number of them will come true; and even if they don't, the rationales behind me making them should be of use in helping you shape your fantasy teams for this season.

Before I go further, I also want to make note that October 2022 represents the ten-year anniversary of the date of the first column I wrote for Dobberhockey (sorry – the link seems to be gone) (Editor’s Note: The earliest article from Roos that we could dig up is this one from February of 2012, about four months after his debut). I believe that makes me not only the most senior member of the current writing staff, but perhaps the site's longest continuously tenured writer of all time. Either way, I'm grateful for this opportunity and all the positive feedback I receive from the readers of my columns. Although I recently landed a new "real life" job that will leave me busier, I still hope to continue writing here for many more years to come. With all that out of the way, here's what you came here for: my 15 (actually 17 – explained below) Fearless Forecasts!

1) Every current Panther who played 40+ games in 2021-22 while scoring at a 60+ point pace will produce at a lower scoring rate for 2022-23

Sound like too safe a prediction? Keep in mind for this to come true each of Alexander Barkov, Matthew Tkachuk, Sam Reinhart, Aaron Ekblad, and Anthony Duclair would each need to see their scoring rates drop. What do all five have in common? Beyond Duclair, who set a career best in scoring rate for the fifth straight season, the other four likewise established career highs in scoring rate in 2021-22. Florida al