Ramblings: Season-Long Predictions for Barkov, Hedman, Boldy, Meier, and More; New Ottawa Lines – October 7

Michael Clifford


This is my final Ramblings before the beginning of the 2022-23 season and it still feels hard to believe we're approaching the first puck drop in mere hours. Doesn't feel like it was very long ago we were watching a dominant Colorado roster steamroll the playoffs before dethroning the twice-defending Stanley Cup champion Tampa Bay Lightning. Is this what getting old is like?

Yesterday, my Ramblings covered 10 hot takes for the upcoming season. When I do these, I try to keep them reasonable. There is no sense in saying Jack Quinn will put up 90 points or Arizona is going to win the Central. Maybe "reasonable" and "hot take" shouldn't be in the same sentence but that's how these Ramblings operate.

Today, there are 10 more hot takes to offer. In my recent effort, the hot takes were of a positive nature. Whether players setting career-highs, teams making playoffs, or players winning awards, we wanted to look at the bright side of life. Of course, there is another side to the coin, and not everything goes according to plan.

To that end, here are 10 more hot takes, but of players/teams/situations that will fail to meet expectations. Feel completely free to throw these back in my face in April when most of them actually do meet expectations.

One caveat is I'm going to leave goaltenders out of this because we all know how goaltenders are and either I'd have to get real silly – Ilya Sorokin isn't a top-25 goalie – or just hope variance hits. That is no fun, to me.

Finally, for more prognostications, be sure to check our Dobber Panel predictions from our writers/editors going over division winners, a