Fantasy Mailbag: Hellebuyck; Batherson; Category Punting; Zero Goalie Aftermath; New Coach Effects; One-Year Deals & More

Rick Roos


Welcome back to another edition of the Roos Lets Loose monthly mailbag, where I answer your fantasy hockey questions by giving advice that should be useful to all poolies even if they don't own the specific players being discussed. As a reminder, if you want your fantasy hockey question(s) answered in the next mailbag, check out the end of the column, where I explain the ways to get it/them to me as well as the details you should provide when sending. The earlier you send a question the more likely it is to be included in the mailbag, and the deeper dive I can provide with my reply.

Question #1 (from Max)

I have Drake Batherson in one of my leagues, making the decision to keep him before Ottawa brought in Claude Giroux or Alex DeBrincat. Although the addition of these two has me somewhat worried, most notably about Batherson being downgraded to PP2, what has me even more concerned is his continued lack of denial when it comes to the 2018 World Juniors situation. If you had Batherson in a keeper, what would you do?

Before answering, I want to make clear that real life matters more than fantasy hockey; and if what was alleged to have occurred in 2018 did indeed occur, I think no one would argue that the perpetrator(s) should be held accountable. This is relevant with respect to Batherson because, as of when I'm writing this, he's by far the highest profile member of that team yet to make a statement claiming he either was not involved or not at the event. Silence sometimes can – and, in this case, does – speak loudly.

Many have opined about what his punishment could be if implicated, with most seeming to land on suspension for a full season, if not longer. Of course, that is entirely separate from any criminal impact, although given his age at the time that could be a non-factor or run contemporaneously with whatever suspension he receives. Although the NHL has a track record of "forgiving" players wh