Ramblings: Buy Low/Sell High Options, thoughts on Nichushkin, Heinen, Roslovic and more … (Oct. 24)



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My thoughts on Valeri Nichushkin and his white-hot start to the campaign: I think they guy is for real. Obviously not a 150-point player, but he's exploding for 70 points in 70 games as a 27-year-old in Todd Bertuzzi-like fashion. Yes, it's a little out of nowhere, but big players like this almost always break out at 26, 27 or even 28. He showed signs that this was in him in 2020-21 – especially late. And in 2021-22, though he missed 20 games, Nichushkin finally surged ahead with big points (and big minutes on both special teams). He's ascended to point-per-game status, though I am as of yet not convinced he can be relied on to regularly play 80 games. Many of his owners are thinking they could sell him high right now, but I'm of the opinion that even trading a 70-point player for him would actually be selling low. I don't make these knee-jerk reactions easily. At this point he's the driver on his line, not a passenger.


Some Early-Season "Buy Low" Options

Patrick Kane, Chicago Blackhawks – Kane picked up his first even-strength point of the season on Sunday, an assist. This is five games in. He's been playing a lot with Max Domi so far, and had Andreas Athanasiou on the other wing Sunday. Just poor puck-luck so far. You know you can count on Kane, even though he turns 34 next month. He has played with some terrible Hawks teams throughout his career, and he's played with some great ones. But even at worst, he managed 66 points. So call that his floor. His current pace is for 49 points. His owners will be worried that age has caught up with him. I still think he's a safe, productive player to own even if he's not what he was ove