Fantasy Hockey Poll: Pick Three Calder Finalists

Rick Roos


For the second year in a row, my first poll after the start of the new season is one where I ask you to pick the three Calder Trophy finalists. In last season's poll, your top vote getter Moritz Seider did in fact win the Calder; and you also included another finalist – Trevor Zegras – among your top three. But a mere two voters out of 109 chose "One or More Rookies not Named" in order to cover the third finalist – Michael Bunting – who was not a listed choice. How will you fare this time around? Time to find out!

Remember that you're voting on the three Calder finalists, which doesn't necessarily equate to the three best rookies in terms of fantasy value. Also, when casting your votes you should choose exactly three of the 19 choices, as, of course, there will be that many Calder finalists. That is unless you believe one or more of the 19 won't be a finalist, in which case you should select "One or More Rookies not Listed" either as your lone vote (i.e., if you think none of the 19 listed players will be a Calder finalist), or as one of your two votes (i.e., if you think only one of the 19 listed players will be a Calder finalist, and two won't) or as one of your three votes (i.e., if you think only two of the 19 listed players will be Calder finalists, and one won't).

With that out of the way, here are the 19 choices, listed in alphabetical order. The link to cast your votes will be at the end of the column.

Calen Addison – I touted Addison in my 17 Fearless Forecasts column not just because he's talented, as was amply shown by his AHL success last season, but perhaps even more so because his path to success for 2022-23 was much clearer than most rookies. After all, the Wild lack a prototypical PP1 QB and were – and still are – too cap constrained to go out and land one. Enter Addison, who already looks to be providing the kind of offense we saw from last year's Calder winner Seider.

Matty Beniers – Top draft pick? Check! Impressive first taste of the NHL? Check! Improved group of surrounding forwards? Check! All seems to be in place for Berniers to shine, although one never knows whether sustained success will occur for such a young player amidst the grind of a full 82 game season with the spotlight shining squarely on him.