Ramblings: Thoughts on Hughes, Petersen, Sandin, Marner’s streak and more … (Dec. 07)



Apologies for the late Ramblings. There was a miscommunication about coverage, so Alex and Dobber double-teamed them to get them out quick.


A lot of the teams that don't play the Devils often seem to get surprised by how much they are attacking the middle of the ice this year, and how easily they seem to manage it. It doesn't hurt that Jack Hughes can do it all himself some nights.

Hughes is up to 31 points in 26 games after starting the season with only three in six. That's 28 points in his last 20 games, which would be a 115-point pace. I said before the season that he was going to hit 100 points if he's healthy all year, and I'm even more confident about it now. Unlike Johnny Gaudreau and Jonathan Huberdeau and their 115-point marks last season, Hughes is a lot more likely to keep this pace up year after year.

Dougie Hamilton also enjoyed playing the Blackhawks, adding two assists to that goal above. He's up to 19 points in 26 games, and back to his 60-point pace from the last few years before he joined the Devils and dealt with adjustments and injuries last season. Hopefully you bought low because that window is firmly shut now. Hamilton was our consensus pick for bounce-back player of the year in the DobberHockey Panel, so you can't say you weren't warned.

One last point for the Devils, it's worth noting that Dawson Mercer is up on the top power play unit. He's pacing for 47 points at the moment, but if that sticks all year he should be able to walk backwards to 55 points on this team.


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