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Ian Gooding is the Managing Editor of Dobber Hockey. He covers the Ramblings on weekends and as needed. He also handles the Top 100 Roto Rankings each month. He also likes good scotch and riding his bike.

Ramblings: Top Frozen Tools Searches – Kotkaniemi, Pulock (July 4)

By |2020-07-04T00:27:11-04:00July 4th, 2020|Hockey Rambling|

According to Jeremy Rutherford and Scott Burnside of The Athletic, the St. Louis Blues have closed their facility over the weekend and cancelled Friday’s practice because of multiple positive COVID-19 tests. The names of the players who tested positive were not released. With multiple teams in various sports having players test positive for COVID-19, it’s [...]

Ramblings: Top 100 Decisions on Shesterkin, Rust, Nylander (July 3)

By |2020-07-02T23:54:44-04:00July 3rd, 2020|Hockey Rambling|

Although the NHL hasn’t made a formal announcement, it appears that Edmonton and Toronto will be the hub cities for the league’s return to play. As well, Bob McKenzie suggested that Edmonton would likely receive the Stanley Cup Final portion of the series. So as misleading as this video from Alberta premier Jason Kenney might [...]

Ramblings: Placeholder Team Wins First Overall Pick, Top Frozen Tools Searches Burakovsky, Bjorkstrand (June 27)

By |2020-06-27T00:15:44-04:00June 27th, 2020|Hockey Rambling|

If Phase 1 of the Draft Lottery was the only new entertainment we as hockey fans receive for a while, then it was well worth the half hour. The only outcome more intriguing than a placeholder team winning the first overall pick would be if all of the first three picks went to placeholder teams. [...]

Ramblings: More Return To Play Details, Sabres Situation, Comparing Jones and Werenski (June 21)

By |2020-06-21T00:17:12-04:00June 21st, 2020|Hockey Rambling|

According to Larry Brooks of the New York Post, more details emerged regarding the NHL’s return to play plan: Two-week training camps, with teams travelling to their hub city on July 23/24 before playing one exhibition gameThe Stanley Cup play-in tournament starts July 30Teams allowed 30 skaters plus unlimited goalies for camp, and 28 skaters [...]

Ramblings: Lightning Players, Matthews Test Positive for COVID-19; Popular Searches Gurianov, Gustafsson (June 20)

By |2020-06-20T00:35:19-04:00June 20th, 2020|Hockey Rambling|

Friday’s news of the Tampa Bay Lightning temporarily closing their training facilities due to COVID-19 should serve as a reminder that there is no guarantee that the NHL will return to play this summer. This news doesn’t mean that the NHL should shut everything down immediately, considering that this is only Phase 2 of the [...]

Ramblings: Jones Activated, Ranking Ehlers and Barzal in Roto (June 19)

By |2020-06-18T23:57:16-04:00June 19th, 2020|Hockey Rambling|

According to the Canadian Press, the Canadian government has issued an order that would allow a Canadian city (Vancouver, Edmonton, or Toronto) to serve as one of the NHL’s hub cities. This would effectively remove the traditional 14-day quarantine for any NHL players or staff that need to enter Canada. For more, see the report [...]

Top 100 Roto Rankings – June 2020

By |2020-06-14T19:52:51-04:00June 15th, 2020|Hockey Rankings|

Now that the decision has been made to close the book on the 2019-20 regular season, we will begin to transition into roto rankings for 2020-21. Because the 2019-20 playoffs (play-in round) will not resume for at least another month, these rankings are in a place where they are not quite ready for 2020-21 fantasy [...]

Ramblings: Roto Rankings Fallers – Ristolainen, Benn, Boeser (June 14)

By |2020-06-13T23:54:46-04:00June 14th, 2020|Hockey Rambling|

Get your copy of the 2020 Fantasy Prospects Report today! Inside you’ll find player profiles both by team and by draft-eligible players, as well as prospect rankings from the Dobber Prospects crew. There are over 350 drafted prospects, plus 100 draft-eligible players, so every relevant name should be included. For each of these names, you’ll [...]