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Top 10 Surprises of 2019-20

One of the keys to winning your fantasy championship is being able to find those guys who will have great seasons that seeming come out of nowhere. After all, these are players that you could have drafted late or picked up off the waiver wire at some point, and many of them performed better than [...]

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Top 10 Young Players Disappointing in 2019-2020

Last week, I took a shot at naming the top 10 disappointing players of 2019-20. As I mentioned at the time, it was a much more difficult task than normal, as my original list had 55 names. To make sure I could include more players, I decided to break it down into two groupings. Last [...]

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Top 10 Most Disappointing Players of 2019-20

Has there ever been a season where there have been so many disappointments? It is quite possible that you could have drafted a list of superstars and all-stars last fall, but finished near the bottom of the standings as many of them underperformed or were injured. This was one of the toughest columns I’ve ever [...]

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Top 10 Injuries That Killed Your Fantasy Season

With the NHL suspending operations because of the coronavirus, many fantasy leagues have decided to call it a season. While there is still some hope that the NHL can come back, it’s looking less and less likely that teams will get to play 82 games, especially with news Sunday that the U.S. Centers for Disease [...]

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Top 10 Power-Play Surprises 2019-20

One of the big things about looking back on a season is realizing how wrong we were on some of our assumptions. Of course, it’s hard to admit now. With the benefit of hindsight, we all knew that player was going to break out. We just didn’t draft or trade for that player because of [...]

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Top 10 Waiver Wire Pickups (March, 2020)

Even though the trade deadline may be done in most fantasy leagues doesn’t mean you can’t improve your squad for the stretch drive. In leagues with a waiver wire, there are still plenty of good options out there. You just need to be willing to scour the wire to find some of the players who [...]

By |2020-03-08T13:49:30-04:00March 2nd, 2020|Fantasy Hockey Top 10|0 Comments

Top 10 Trade Bait Players (2020)

There are three non-game days in the hockey calendar that every fan looks forward to: Trade deadline day, the draft, and the first day of free agency. Today is the first on that list, and many fantasy hockey leagues also have trade deadlines this week. This is also the time of year when the perceived [...]

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Ramblings: Ovi scores 700, Leafs lose to Zamboni driver, Brady Tkachuk on pace for 300/300 and Saros main guy in Nashville

Hey fellow Dobber readers. I’m filling for Ian this week as he was attending the Canucks-Bruins game on Saturday night. It’s also my first-ever ramblings, so please be gentle. Let’s start with the big news of the day. Playing the Devils, Alexander Ovechkin scored his 700th NHL goal. I remember a few years back when [...]

By |2020-02-23T19:57:29-05:00February 23rd, 2020|Hockey Rambling|1 Comment

Top 10 Trade Targets

The NHL trade deadline is in a week, and with it comes the trade deadline for many fantasy leagues. I’ve always been a big believer that if you have a chance to win the title, you go for it. With many leagues having slim pickings on the waiver wire, making a significant trade could be [...]

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Top 10 Players With a Good Opportunity

  One thing that I try to stress in many of these lists is that for most players, it all comes down to opportunity. Whether it’s players with the potential to hit 70 points for the first time, waiver-wire pickups, bounce-back candidates, rookies that can surprise or whatever, players need that opportunity to be successful. [...]

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