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Goldipucks and the Three Skaters: Pietrangelo, Letang & Pionk

As more and more of the season unfolds there can be a tendency to look at a skater’s total points and think that tells the full story about him, when in truth it can be a poor reflection of what he stands to do going forward. To address that, I dig deep to figure out [...]

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Fantasy Mailbag: Hughes vs Dahlin, Price, Patty Kane, Kubalik, & Any Life Left in Jones?

  As crazy as it sounds, by the time you read this there are now less than two months left in the 2019-20 regular season. With that being the case, even if these questions didn’t come from you they're likely to be relevant to your players or those of your chief rivals. In other words, [...]

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Fantasy Poll: The Next Wave of 50-Goal Scorers

  Pop quiz – other than Alex Ovechkin, how many players have scored 50+ goals in a regular-season since 2010-11? Would you believe just four, three of whom (Corey Perry, Steven Stamkos and Evgeni Malkin) did so in the first two seasons of the decade, with the fourth (Leon Draisaitl) having accomplished the feat in [...]

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Goldipucks and the Three Skaters: Zibanejad, Teravainen, & Vatanen

    With the halfway point of the regular season having now passed, it’s important to look beneath the surface to identify sustainable - and, arguably even more so, unsustainable - patterns emerging for skaters. That’s where this column comes in. For first time readers or those needing a refresher, the column is a play [...]

By |2020-01-15T08:54:50-05:00January 15th, 2020|Roos Lets Loose|0 Comments

Top 10 Fantasy Hockey Defensemen of the Decade

  It’s time for nice (and even naughty!) readers to unwrap another present from under the DobberHockey Christmas tree - a list of the top ten fantasy defensemen from this decade (factoring in games through December 22nd).  And although reliving the past is great fun, winning your current league is also of the utmost importance, [...]

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Fantasy Tournament: Steady Eddies

  In fantasy, there’s nothing quite like obtaining a skater cheaply - via draft or trade - and then watching him break out. By the same token, paying a high price for a skater who then proceeds to play poorly can mean the difference between winning or losing your league. But lurking out there is [...]

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Forum Buzz: Malkin’s Trade Value, Goalie Starts, When to Rebuild, & Top Young Defenders

​   Welcome back to Forum Buzz, a column where I review the DobberHockey Forums and weigh in on active, heavily debated, or otherwise relevant threads from the past month, reminding everyone just how great of a resource the Forums are. Pretty much anything might be covered, other than trades and signings, which usually will [...]

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Goldipucks and the Three Skaters: J.T. Miller, Anze Kopitar, & Brady Tkachuk

  As more hockey is played, the temptation becomes to assume skaters will continue to produce at their current scoring rates. But in some cases, appearances can be deceiving, which is what this column seeks to identify. For first time readers or those needing a refresher, the column is a play on the Goldilocks and [...]

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