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Ramblings: Players with down years

  Every year, some players don’t perform to expectations. It’s just the nature of sport; sometimes players will exceed their talent levels, and some will underperform them. It’s not a straight shot for everyone with regards to explanations, though. It’s not as if we can just point to a number and exclaim that is the [...]

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Ramblings: Reliving some great games from the last decade

I just wanted to take some to highlight some articles I’ve enjoyed from our Dobber writers over the last couple weeks. Sometimes it’s not easy to draw attention away from everything that’s going on so maybe there are some things our readers have missed. Here are a few from the last 10 days or so. [...]

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Ramblings: Comparing goal rates for non-elite players, part 2

In Tuesday’s Ramblings, we discussed players who outscored their expected goals rates by the most significant margin in 2019-20. The reason for that is just to figure out who might be overheating and who is not. As mentioned a couple times in those Ramblings, just because a player outscores their expected goals does not mean [...]

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Ramblings: Comparing goal rates for non-elite players

When discussing which players have been good or not, be it for fantasy hockey or in the real world, quite often “good” is a proxy for “lucky”. At the same time, some players are good enough to keep getting “lucky” year after year; I don’t think it’d shock people if Nikita Kucherov or Connor McDavid [...]

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Ramblings: Answering very specific questions

With regards to hockey, there are many more questions than answers right now. Sports, as a general concept, need to take a backseat to everything else at the moment. What it does let us think about is questions relating to the game we love. Let’s try to answer some of those burning questions.   Which [...]

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Ramblings: Looking back on fun players to watch

Well, here we are. The NHL has shut down, along with basically everything else in North America, and it doesn’t look like that situation is going to change in the near-term. In fact, the restrictions are probably only going to get more severe. The CDC said they’re recommending two months with gatherings of no more [...]

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Dobber Ramblings: NHL season suspended; IIHF announcement; primary points – March 13

The NHL started the day by cancelled all morning skates, given the COVID-19 pandemic that has spread globally, and the NBA’s suspension of its season on Wednesday night. The writing was on the wall: college games are being cancelled, NBA games suspended, mass gathering outlawed, people getting sick seemingly in real time on television, and [...]

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Ramblings: Slew of Avalanche updates; Tuch setback; COVID-19; primary point producers – March 12

Andre Burakovsky, Matt Calvert, Nazem Kadri, and Philip Grubauer were all skating before Colorado’s practice on Wednesday. That’s a good sign, but it’s obvious there’s still a little ways to go before that quartet returns to action. Nathan MacKinnon was not skating with the team, either before or during practice, and is expected to miss [...]

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Ramblings: Krug and Carlo injured; Tuch setback; Detroit’s top line; goal differentials – March 10

The big news from Monday is that the four major North American sports currently playing their regular season or ramping up to their regular season, including the NHL, are temporarily barring reporters from entering the dressing rooms post-practice or game over fears of COVID-19 transmission. It's probably not the last we've heard from the major [...]

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Ramblings: Injured Avalanche; Boychuk update; DeBrincat’s scoring; Dunn’s season – March 5

Both Andre Burakovsky and Cale Makar were out of the lineup for Colorado on Wednesday night. The team seems to think Makar is closer to returning than Burakovsky is. On the bright side (I think?), Gabriel Landeskog was able to play with a broken nose. I know a lot of teams are going through injuries, [...]

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