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Capped: Christmas wish list for different teams

  This week we’re going to look into which contracts may be on the move in the new year, and what that could mean for various teams. Let’s jump right in.   **** Boston Bruins With the Bruins rolling along as usual, there isn’t a great urgency for them to make many roster moves. Add [...]

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Capped: Teams with free-agent uncertainty

  This week’s article started out as a way to look ahead at who may be able to make a depth impact next year due to opportunities opening up on the roster. Partway through I made the realization that I had to cut it short or I would end up writing a novel. I also [...]

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Capped: Musings from around the league

  Sometimes in the middle of the NHL season, when there have been no signings recently, and the big things I want to cover early-on have been covered, I will find myself without a great idea for an article – like this week. As a result, we’re going to jump around to a lot of [...]

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Capped: Looking for cheap, buy-low opportunities

  Everyone needs help in fantasy, and by this point in the season, you generally know where the holes are on your roster. I also find that this is usually the best time to start trading, as other teams have formed their opinions on who they want to keep, and who they are willing to [...]

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Capped: Looking ahead to the RFA class

  When looking at the 2019 RFA crop last year, little did we know how much ink would be spilled, and how many controversies begun with that group at the centre. This coming year doesn’t have the same number of high-profile names, but that doesn’t mean we won’t see some similarities between this year and [...]

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Capped: Looking ahead to free agency

  This time last year I put out an article on some of the 2019 UFA class, with some thoughts and expectations for each position, and a few specific players. This year is going to be a very interesting summer due to the CBA negotiations, the slow-rising salary cap ceiling (escrow anyone), and the unusual [...]

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Capped: Point-per-dollar early in this season

  This week we’re going to jump back into analyzing players on a cost-per-point basis. Two weeks ago, we covered some of the top performers, and some of them have already come back to earth a little. With the season almost a month old already, players who are slumping have given us a large enough [...]

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Capped: Early-season goalie thoughts

  Last week here we covered some of the best early-season performers on a cost-per-point basis, and next week we’ll dive into some disappointments, but this week I decided (with the help of some readers as well) that it was time for some cap league goalie coverage. Let’s begin the goalie rant!   **** Marc-Andre [...]

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Capped: Early returns on a cost-per-point basis

  A couple weeks into the season, and Tampa Bay has lost to Ottawa, Jonathan Quick, Sergei Bobrovsky and Brayden Holtby have been worse than their backups, the highest scorer on Vancouver is J.T. Miller, and the Hurricanes are atop the NHL standings (as of Wednesday night). Some things are easier for us to see [...]

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Capped: Early-season reactions in fantasy hockey cap leagues

  A week into the season and we have some surprises – both positive and negative – as well as some early season line changes and injury news. With all of this, it is easy to overreact, and hamstring your chances of bouncing back from a bad start. Like with driving on ice, sometimes you [...]

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